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18 November 2009


MARA's building
Kak cik

I have been informed by kak cik herself that she will be have a second interview for Mara's tutor post at Bangunan Mara, Kuala Lumpur,and her chances to get the job are brighter.Now,she and adeq already arrived at KL (KAK CIK doesnt know the place,but adeq does due to she always lepak2 there!)and know they are at adeq friend's house in pj.Tomorrow,they have to wake up earlier, to avoid the jam and should reach there before 8.30 a.m.
I think it is a hard decision for her to cross the life from the largest bank's staff -MAYBANK-after years of experience in banking and public relationship,two thumbs up salary with a minima cost of life at Kulim compared to Kl,plus her own office at the said bank,claim for extra hour,going early in the morning and return always after maghrib: to be an IT tutor(practising her knowledge due she is an IT graduan),no heart feeling more,building the PR between she and students,with govermnet salary plus services,and no more extra budget for extra time.But that the life.For me, it is ok,husband in the private,and she with the goverment.My wife said that Kak Cik has an art in teaching and this is the time to grab the opportunity.
Kak Cik has a great history pertaining her job,and how can I forget when we brought her to the interview about 5 years ago in Dataran Maybank and Menara Maybank,(mak with us that time,supporting her daughter,)and lastly she got the job but has to go back and forth at Seri Kembangan and Kedah for some training.
Now,the time has come.My 2 cents advises,walk in with confidence,no inferiority complex,always smile
One of your leg already at that institution,and..
good luck kak cik!!

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