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25 October 2009


Dapur dia kat tengah.Quite peculiar.Tapi luas
About 3 weeks ago,we transferred to the double storey bungalow..a bungalow?,,yap,,but its a moderate one.Indeed,we dont have any intention to hijrah,living at Ixora, all things are near,but in this Nilai Impian,the nearest shops are at Nilai 3!!(3 min only,hehe)so ,you may drop by our home on the way to Nilai 3 or leave your children with us.and enjoy your trip! This old bungalow is about 1400 square feet,with so many places for planting(i am trying to learn this job!).I think I will state the reason in coming post.The best thing in this home is 2 rooms at the first floor,one, sure for "bibik"and another for guest.And we always lepak2 while surfing the internet.
Masa ni bawak barang-barang untuk cuci rumah

hmmm..syok depa porch luas

Ruang tamu dia x besar sangat,tapi ok

Apa lagi, ambil gambo keretalah ,,kelass gituu

Shikin memerhati ruang yang luas.nak tanam apa ye?

Dari luar pagar..Ada pintu kecil lagi,dan semua pagar batu..

Rajinnya anak-anak abah ni!

Bergaya haziq!The other one is our bibik(not confirmed yet)

Laman belakang yang luas..macam2 boleh tanam ni

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